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Notice for Home-Schooled Students:

The PSAT/NMSQT or the advanced placement test is available for home-schooled students elgible to attend school in the Crawford Independent School District.  To register for a test or to get more information, please contact Jolinda Whitney at 254-486-2381 or send an email to:



Senior information

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Check the ACT/SAT link for test dates, study aids, and other information about the SAT/ACT

*****Check out the following two websites for practice questions to help you prepare to take the ACT and the SAT test!


Check the THEA link for information about this college entrance exam.

ACCUPLACER: Can be taken in the place of the THEA.

If you need to have a transcript sent to a college or a scholarship company, come to the counselor's office and fill out a transcript request form or send the information to The official name and address of the institution is required. Be sure that you allow 48 hours notice for the counselor to complete the request. Then, allow for the postal service to deliver in time. Colleges and scholarship companies set their own deadlines, which you must adhere to. It is the student's responsibility to be aware of these deadlines and get applications and transcript requests completed in a timely manner. DO NOT procrastinate when it comes to college/scholarship application deadlines. Transcripts requested in the summer may require more time.

FAFSA information:

The FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  This form has to be filled out BEFORE you can get any kind of aid for college, including loans.  You can either fill this application online or Mrs. Whitney can give you a paper application.  January 1st is the first opportunity that you will have to fill out the application.  You must have all of your tax information to fill out the application, so make sure you get your taxes in ASAP this year.  In December, you need to apply for both the parent and student PIN number on  

College Days:
Seniors are allowed to take two days during their senior year to visit an out of town college or take care of college business out of town. If they want to use a college day, it must be pre-approved by Mr. Pritchett or Mrs. Whitney, the college day form must be signed by all of the student’s teachers, and be verified by a letter from the college they visited. 

Senior Resources for Scholarships and Career Information:
Please Note: CISD does not endorse these websites.  They have only been provided to help you as you search for senior resources for scholarships and career information. Please be aware that scholarship information sites should not be asking you for money!