Crawford ISD Head Lice Policy

Guidelines for Head Lice


When nits or lice are found in a student’s hair, the student is removed from contact with other students. 

The student must be treated with an FDA approved shampoo, and all nits removed from the hair before the student returns to school.


To get rid of head lice, soak all combs and brushes and other hair accessories in very hot water for at least an hour.  Wash sheets, blankets and other bedding in hot water.  Seal stuffed animals and pillows in a plastic bag for two weeks.  Vacuum carpets, mattresses, and furniture thoroughly.  Surfaces that cannot be washed may be sprayed with a special lice killing spray that comes with lice kits.   Retreat with the shampoo in 7 days.  In between treatments, you can use mayonnaise to help prevent lice that hatch from laying more eggs.  Cover the head with mayonnaise and a shower cap for at least 8 hours.  Wash out the mayonnaise and remove all nits.   


For best results, look every day for at least a week for missed nits.   You can rinse the hair with vinegar.   Vinegar doesn’t kill the lice, but it makes the nits easier to remove.